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Artistic Director, choreographer, performer, journalist and lecturer. Co-founder and creator of The Mayumana Group.

Eylon was born in New York and moved with her family to Israel at the

age of 6. She began her career as a gymnast and long-distance runner.

In high school she focused on music studies, went on to study

photography and editing and engaged in editing for several years.

Later, she specialized in percussion, oriental music and belly dancing

in Israel and abroad, played with Yair Dellal as a musician and dancer.


In 1996, she was a co-founder and Artistic Director of the acclaimed

Mayumana Group. Between the years 1996 - 2017 she was directing,

designing movement and composing various Mayumana shows

(Mayumana, Bejuntos, Momentum, Racconto, Adraba, BE, Zramim),

writing commercials, and structuring many collaborations such as with

Cirque de Soleil, Bobby McFerin, Tiesto, Infected Mushroom, David Broza, the GAME ON show in collaboration with the Israeli Ballet and more.


Eylon was co-staring in 2012 in the TV docu-reality "Connected +", and in 2013 acted as a judge on the "Venture" TV program, from 2015, she wrote a monthly column in Lady Globes Magazine.


In 2017, she co-created the groundbreaking cabaret show "One Night in April" with Keren Peles and Amir Dadon, which was presented on stage of the HaBima National Theatre. In addition, she artistically directed the Mozes Project and the show "Not Alone" by Hanan Ben Ari.

Eylon accompanies the Israeli Children's Theater as Artistic Director, composer and choreographer for the musicals "Tiras Ham", "Shmulikipod" and "Peter the Rabbit".

In 2016 she developed a method of treatment and diagnosis and began to accompany artists, creators, performers and personal trainers through personal meetings, groups and special retreats. In addition, Eylon has a Diploma in nutrition studies..


In 2005, Eylon discovered that she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene, was diagnosed with breast cancer and recovered. In that year, she was the face of the Komen organization in Israel.

Her brave journey was documented by the director Gali Meiri in the film "Transparent Time" which aired on Channel 13.


In 2020, she was again diagnosed with breast cancer and this time chose to have a double mastectomy  without reconstruction.

Eylon publicly revealed her story with a lot of courage, in order to normalize her personal choice and thereby open a door for more women to talk and deal with extreme situations with pride and determination.


In 2020, Eylon launched a theatrical lecture called "Flat and Fierce".

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